Dough Master Flavour Cookies Namkeen Ajwain Biscuit

Dough Master Flavour Cookies Namkeen Ajwain Biscuit

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  • Appearance: Namkeen Ajwain Cookies typically have a light golden-brown color with a slightly crumbly and crisp texture. They are usually small and round in shape, often resembling classic sweet cookies in appearance.
  • Texture: These cookies have a delightful crumbly and crunchy texture, similar to shortbread or traditional tea biscuits. They melt in your mouth, leaving behind a burst of flavors.
  • Flavor: The defining feature of Namkeen Ajwain Cookies is their savory and aromatic flavor. The primary flavor comes from ajwain (carom seeds), which imparts a distinct earthy and slightly peppery taste. The combination of ajwain with other seasonings like cumin, salt, and sometimes red chili powder adds depth and a hint of spice. These flavors create a unique balance between the richness of the butter or ghee used in the cookies and the savory spices.
  • Ingredients: The main ingredients in Namkeen Ajwain Cookies typically include all-purpose flour, butter or ghee, ajwain (carom seeds), cumin seeds, salt, and sometimes a pinch of red chili powder for an extra kick. These ingredients work together to create a delightful blend of flavors.

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