Bulk Pack

Bulk Pack
Dhania Powder 1kg
₹285.00 Ex Tax: ₹285.00

Dhania Powder advantages.•    Aid in the reduction of blood sugar levels.•    Antioxidants that help the immune system.•    It will help your heart.•    It wills help to keep your brain healthy.•    It'll help with digestion ..

Haldi Powder 1kg
₹255.00 Ex Tax: ₹255.00

Benefits of Haldi Powder•    Turmeric includes bioactive chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities.•    Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory chemical found in nature.•    Turmeric can boost the body's antioxidant capability.•  ..

Jeera Powder 1kg
₹520.00 Ex Tax: ₹520.00

Jeera Advantages•    Cumin seeds are antioxidant-rich.•    It has cancer-fighting effects.•    It'll aid with diarrhea.•    Helps Controls blood sugar levels•    Inhibits the growth of germs and parasites•    I..

Jeera Whole 1kg
₹445.00 Ex Tax: ₹445.00

Benefits•    Inhibits the growth of germs and parasites•    It has anti-inflammatory properties•    Assists in lowering cholesterol•    Weight loss is aided by this supplement.•    Cumin seeds are antioxidant-rich.• &nbs..

Meat Masala 1kg
₹660.00 Ex Tax: ₹660.00


Mirch Kutti 1kg
₹410.00 Ex Tax: ₹410.00

The Advantages of Using Mirch Kutti •    Lessened inflammation issues.•    Aids in weight loss and improves cognitive function by promoting digestive health.•    Helpful when it comes to heart-related concerns•    Assists in the relief of n..

Mirch Powder 1kg
₹370.00 Ex Tax: ₹370.00

The benefits of Mirch Powder•     Assists with digestion•    Helps to keep blood pressure in check•    Anti-inflammatory properties•    Assists with weight loss•    Enhances cognitive performance•    It is good..

Super Garam Masala 1kg
₹479.00 ₹490.00 Ex Tax: ₹479.00

Authentic Blend: A perfect combination of whole spices, Greenzz Super Garam Masala Powder captures the specialty of North Indian food, ensuring an authentic and aromatic flavor profile. Aromatic Experience: The aromas of Greenzz Super Garam Masala evoke nostalgic memories, reminiscent of the tradi..

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