What is a spice and why people prefer it in cooking?

What is a spice and why people prefer it in cooking?
22 November, 2022
What is a spice and why people prefer it in cooking?

The spices are an integral part of our cuisine. The spices will offer you unique flavors, they can be vegetable or mineral.

People use them to flavour, colour or spice up their cooking recipes. They can come from different parts of plants.

Adding best Indian spices to a recipe is the promise of a culinary journey! Indeed, spices enhance the flavors of dishes and bring them a whole new dimension.

With a little cumin or cinnamon, for example, you can completely change a dish! But you still have to keep them well and know how to integrate them into the dishes.

Spices are most often of vegetable origins. For example, saffron comes from a flower, cinnamon from a bark, oregano from the leaves, saffron comes from the pistil of the crocus, fennel is used in the form of seeds, and turmeric is a rhizome. To taste, the spices can be more or less hot or fragrant.

Garam Masala- a blend of spices to help you cook the best meals!

Garam masala is a mixture of spices straight from India, the composition of which varies depending on the region. The Super Garam masala powder of Avon Agro designates a mixture of hot spices in the mouth and whose role is to enhance the taste of dishes you prepare every day.

The health and nutritional benefits of Garam masala

Aids digestion

Cumin, which is one of the main spices of Garam masala, helps relieve bloating, nausea, abdominal pain, gas and aerophagia. It turns out to be a simple and natural remedy to treat painful spasms of the digestive tract and possible indigestion.

Regulates transit

The different spices contained in Garam masala accelerate transit and thus help fight against constipation.

Regulates blood sugar

The cinnamon as well as the cumin which enter into the composition of Garam masala have a hypoglycaemic power that is to say that it makes it possible to lower the level of sugar in the blood. By improving insulin sensitivity, Garam masala helps to better regulate blood sugar levels.


Where to buy the best spices and masalas?

Spices are usually sold dried, whole, or ground. Preferably, whole spices or spices in their original form are chosen in order to retain their full aromatic potential.

Nowadays, more and more people are buying via the internet. Today, the internet is back in our customs. Quick and easy, with just one click you can buy anything that is selling in the world.

No need to run everywhere! So, why not buy your spices online? The net has become a privileged place to get spices, rare and above all, of quality!  Scarce and expensive, the spices have always been a strong and flourishing trade.

Avon Agro offers a complete range of spices, from formulates masalas and table tops to powder masalas of best taste and quality offering unparalleled aromatic qualities.

An exceptional journey and culinary experience.

The spices that this website offers you, will make you travel. They bring you the symphony of flavors that your dish lacks to achieve a creative cuisine of excellence. So make a culinary and gourmet escape with the spices of Avon Agro.
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