Masala Spices of India and Their Uses

Spices are the real aroma of life. Life becomes tasteless when there is lack of tangy things as they add special twists to your life. They are used in cuisines all over the world to add punch to their food. These herbs or agro products are the reason behind the ethnic and aromatic taste of a dish since they add a certain flavour to the dish. Spice and cooking both go hand in hand together as lack of zing makes any cuisine completely tasteless. They are the real soul of any dish as they can make the food alluring or tasteless. Masala spices of India are well-known in the whole world for their tempting taste.

Indian Spices

India is a country of affluent heritage and diversification. People from distinct corners come to this wonderful nation, just to see its marvelous monuments and relish the mouth-watering food. One among these things is the masala spices of India. The weather conditions of this place are best suitable for the farming of herbs. This is the utmost reason that India is among the major exporters of these herbs in the entire globe. They have a special standing in the market of the same domain because of their excellent tang. The diverse aroma and savor of Indian zings can make anyone on this Earth go fanatical. These condiments can be used either before cooking a cuisine or while frying a dish.

Varieties of Indian Spices

There are a lot of spices that are farmed in India such as turmeric powder, bay leaves, tamarind, saffron, coriander powder, mustard leaves, fennel seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom cumin seeds, cloves etc. They can be used for a long period of time without much effect on their quality. There are some fresh agro products too, which are used immediately after cutting. They include zings like ginger, onion, garlic, curry leaves, mint, green chilies etc. All condiments can be utilized in two ways, either they can be used directly in your vegetables or dishes, or you can crush them and use them in your cuisine. Chat masala powder is also a major masala spice of India as it is widely used in almost every household. It is basically a combined mixture of black pepper, coriander, dried mango powder, cumin, salt, dried ginger, chilli powder and asafetida. Later, people have started seeing the masala spices of India with marketing prospective. Several industries have been set up for manufacturing packaged spices.

Spices in India are Finding Medicinal Importance all over the World

Spices can be natural herbs, shoots, roots, stems etc. that are used to add taste and aroma to any food item in which these are used. These have been extremely useful in the medieval ages as most valuable trading material. Countries like India that have vast reserves of spices export these natural products to different countries across the globe and earn good sum of money from this trade. It is so because these condiments are in great demand in other nations also. Furthermore, the spices in India are now being explored for their medicinal uses by many great scientists and researchers. These have been used for herbal treatment of several chronic ailments in the ancient times but with the advent of modern technologies this method lost its vigour. It is again gaining impetus due to the side effects of medicines and tablets on the human body.

Ingredients of Chana Masala Powder       

Chana masala powder is also popular by the name of chhole masala. It is a pulverized mixture of several spices that include mustard seeds, bay leaves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, red chillies, pomegranate powder etc. It is a great combination of such condiments that impart it a tangy and spicy taste. Moreover, people of India prefer to prepare this mixture at home only because the powder so made is richer in flavour and aroma. It can be prepared at home by following certain extremely simple steps. First of all dry roast all the spices at low flame till little fragrance evolves. Then grind these fried contents in a grinder till you obtain your desired texture. It can be used in Punjabi chhole, Kabuli chana veg curry, marinade of mutton, fish curry etc.

List of Contents of Chat Masala Powder

Chat masala powder is a very spicy mixture of some of the select spices. It is a unique blend of asaftoeida, black salt, mango powder, coriander seeds etc. It has a very tangy and distinct flavour. It can be added to fruits in its raw form. It can also be added to curries to make these dishes more lips smacking. It imparts a finger licking effect to your dish and hence is used in food items such as potato pakodas, onion pakodas, fruit salads etc. It can also be sprinkled on sprout corns and bhel; it is also added to lime juice and buttermilk. It is also used in yoghurt and yoghurt dishes as well as fried nuts.

Explore the List of Spices in India

The list of spices in India is extremely long and contains more than 10,000 different spices. These condiments are naturally occurring products and therefore have great nutritional value. These have been employed to cure several diseases since the primitive ages. The branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of diseases through these natural herbs is known as Ayurveda. It was started in India only and contains a wide range of solutions to almost all sorts of stomach disorders and cardiovascular ailments. These natural ingredients can be taken raw as well as in other ways to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, cough and cold, arthritis, nausea etc. Some of the most commonly used whole spices for curing such diseases include ginger, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric etc.

It can be inferred from above that these natural herbs are the biggest assets of nature to mankind. These are such natural resources that have immense utility in the human life.

Finding out the Entire List of Spices in India

Spices form the essence of Indian cuisine. These are the most important constituent of any Indian dish. These are absolutely natural products and are greatly responsible for the popularity of Indian culinary skills and food all around the world. These are used in various forms depending on the requirement of the dish being prepared and the creativity of the cook or the person preparing the food. Moreover, these natural ingredients serve as asset to the individuals who are naïve in the field of cooking and hardly know about the recipe of a particular meal. When you will experiment with these herbs you will yourself find that these give an exquisite flavour and fragrance to your newly invented dish. Any insipid dish turns out to be extremely delicious with the use of these additives.

Find out a Great Variety of Indian Spices Online

Indian herbs are adulated all over the world for their authentic taste and aroma. Earlier these were used only in the Indian cuisine but these are now extensively being used in other countries in their popular food items. Moreover, you can find an expansive array of the Indian spices online at affordable prices. These are high grade and well packaged products that will meet all your quality norms. You simply need to register on any reliable online shopping site that provides these condiments and place your order there. You can select your required product from the catalog of the online site. You will then be delivered your ordered items within two to three days without deteriorating the quality of the products.

Some of the Most Prominent Condiments from the List of Spices of India

If you think of ascertaining the exact count of condiments from among the list of spices of India then it will take you atleast one full day but you will not be able to make out the accurate number. It is so because there are still certain herbs that have yet not been deciphered in India. Further, those which are present have also not been properly categorized and listed into a proper list. Yet it can be said that there are more than one million spices in India alone. Some of the most common of these are ginger, coriander, fenugreek, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, red and black pepper, turmeric, chat masala powder, chana masala, cloves, cumin, asaftoeida etc.

Which condiments constitute the Masala Spices of India?                                      

There are certain condiments that are specifically classified as the masala spices of India. These form an indispensable part of Indian cuisine and are used in some or the other form in the Indian dishes. These include cinnamon, coriander seeds, pepper corns, fenugreek, bay leaves, turmeric, cloves; black, green and brown cardamom, star arsine, mace, nutmeg etc. These are also known as “garam masala spice”. These are used together to form special blends and then added to dishes as per the requirement of the dish. Furthermore, these are used in very small quantities. These give the best results when used as whole spices rather than as ground or powder condiments.

Thus, it can be deduced that herbs form the crux of the Indian cuisine. All regions of India use these natural herbs to give distinct tastes and fragrances to their meals. These natural ingredients also have many health benefits as these are extremely useful to heal several stomach disorders and skin problems. These are also useful to cure dental problems as well. For example, chewing clove every day prevents tooth decay.

Getting Aware of the Whole Spices List of India

Food is one of the basic necessities for every living creature. Without food we cannot even imagine to sustain our life for more than two to three days. Hence, it is an indispensable part of our life and cannot be done away with. Due to the significance of this amenity in human life many food processing industries have launched such food products that could are tasty as well as nutritious for human beings. Moreover, different countries have their ethnic cuisines. These cuisines have something unique that distinguishes them from each other. For example, the Indian cuisine is known for its spices. These add to the taste and texture of any Indian dish to which these are used.

View the whole spices list of India

Spices in India form a very essential part of almost all important and famous dishes here. Neither any Punjabi nor any South Indian dish can be cooked without these additives. Bengali fish curry or Gujrati Dhokla all become extremely tasty food items due to these spices. A list of spices in India which you will easily find in any Indian kitchen includes red pepper, coriander powder, asafoetida, black pepper, cumin, fenugreek leaves, ginger etc. These are used to give an exquisite flavour to the recipes. You cannot eat a dish just once with these additives include in it. Moreover, the flavors obtained through the addition of these condiments simply make the dishes worth tasting and have made Indian cuisine so popular worldwide.

Where can the Chana Masala Powder be brought into use?

Chana Masala Powder is a combination of some ethnic Whole Spices that can be used to prepare delicious Indian food recipes such as chick peas or Kabuli chana. The condiments included in chana masala are bayleaf, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, cumin, red chillies, cloves, peppercorn and pomegranate seeds. This powder can be prepared at home also or can be bought from the market. To prepare this at home you need to dry roast all the condiments at low flame until fragrance evolves, then grind in a grinder. Chana masala is mostly used in Punjabi Chhole. This dish can be relished alongwith naan, bread or bhatura. It can also be used in fish curry, marinade for mutton, chicken gravy etc. Since this mixture contains cloves and peppercorns hence it is beneficial to heal digestive complaints and ameliorate immunity.

Uses of Chat Masala Powder

Chat Masala Powder is a mixture of hot and tangy herbs. Generally the word ‘chat’ or ‘chaat’ is used for a collection of savory and highly spicy meals that make you smack your lips and give you that “finger licking” feelings. The unique blend of these condiments simply makes it distinguishable form other masalas. It is used to relish fresh fruit and other snacks, dosa, sprouts bhel, potato or onion Pakora etc. It is exclusively used to cure stomach disorders.

Thus, it can be concluded that Indian cuisine is extremely delightful and worth tasting. It will make you relish it lifelong. The spices impart such an exhilarating aroma and flavour to the dishes that you cannot resist yourself from finishing the entire meal.

Include a Little Indian Spice to Your Life

What would be an Indian cuisine, without the addition of spices? They are the most important and essential ingredients that make any food tasty. India is famous for the variety of such ingredients that are available here. All these ingredients are sold in either whole or ground form. Many companies even make formulated masalas which are apt for specific dishes. Like rajmah, sambar, pav bhaji, meat masala, chicken masala, Chat Masala powder etc.

There are many good options in these mixed masalas for those who want their food to have the authentic taste in their food without going through the hassle. They are procured by the company from very reliable and trusted sources as the quality of the raw spice will determine the quality of the final product. The list of spices in india is very long and varied. Most of these herbs are grown in the south of India. These include chili, coriander, black pepper, redwry, kalonji, panchforan, fennel, cardamom, celery, khas khas, sesame etc. Indian herbs do not compromise on the quality of the products under any circumstances.

A separate quality control department deals with all quality issues. A team of expert checkers is employed in checking these ingredients at every stage of production. They check these herbs when they arrive in raw form. They check them through various tests conducted throughout their processing and grinding. Some of the tests conducted are microbiological tests, metal detector test, test for the presence of any chemicals or harmful matter etc.

These are processed and packed under the most hygienic conditions. The aim is to make sure that the quality of these ingredients are retained, that it has a long shelf value. Double cellophane and aluminum packing makes sure that the aromas of these flavor enhancing ingredients are not lost over a period of time. The masalas of India are very famous amongst commercial users too. Many caterers, chefs and cooks are using the best of the condiment from India to make their recipes unique in flavor.

Garam masala spice is a part of almost all world famous recipes, Indian and other cuisines. All these condiments are available in the most convenient packs for both commercial and personal food. They are available online. The customers can buy the ingredients of their choice online and make payment through the credit or debit cards. The goods purchased online are immediately dispatched and sent to the customer’s address. The dish essentials are very well packed as they have to be well protected while in transit. One can choose from a number of options in the formulated category also. Let’s try these amazing flavors, available in so many forms in order to get the right flavor in our food. Excellent, pure and authentic Indian spices at wholesale rates, what more can anyone ask for?

Spices in India Add Flavor to Your Dishes

Chana Masala powder

It is a known fact that the most precious things that India exported in the olden days were the spices. Indian flavors are famous all over the world for their unique flavor and aroma. They also possess excellent medicinal qualities. These are made with the help of excellent hammering machines and are not even touched by hands and are totally treated and ground and sieved with the help of machines. The companies who process these ingredients also sell them through online shops and sites. The Indian spice online are the best way of buying them as the customers can choose and order sitting in the comfort of their homes. They can get the excellent condiments delivered to their door steps and enjoy the unique flavors. The customers and commercial users can buy these online to make their dishes unique and rich.

Indian herbs offer a number of Indian whole spices in whole, ground and formulated forms. Some of them are asafoetida, Chana Masala powder, chili, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, red wry, khas khas, panchforan, celery, fennel, sesame, kalongi etc. which are used in day to day Indian cooking. The concern companies also sells excellent formulated and mixed spices for specific dishes like chicken masala, sambar masala, vegetable masala, kasoori powder, garam masala, pav bhaji masala. Spices in India are not only used for the aroma but also for its medicinal qualities and the texture and flavor that they give to the curries that they are used for.

Indian spices are made by raw material that is very authentic and high grade. Only then the end product would be excellent. A special quality check team is formulated to do the job of checking the raw material as well as the end product. These teams are expert in their jobs and use many types of tests like chemical, microbiological and metal detection, to ensure the best product to their customers. They are also focused on maintaining the consistency of their products.

These flavor enhancing ingredients are the most important ingredient of any Indian cuisine. They are the life of any curry no matter one wants to add vegetarian or non-vegetarian things to it. They are packed in excellent packing of multilayered cellophane. The main aim is to keep the flavor intact and that they should have a very long shelf life after the packs are opened. Let’s enjoy the excellent flavors of Indian condiments in our dishes and order online. They are packed in moisture less environment and very hygienic conditions. Reasonable rates and excellent products what more can anyone ask for? Add some masala spices of india to your life by buying world class products online.

World Class Indian spice online Now Just a Click Away

The ingredients that go into making any dish are very important as they majorly contribute towards its taste. The spices are the main ingredients that render, aroma and flavor to the dish. It is very essential that these flavor enhancing ingredients are used are authentic and pure. Curry powder in India is famous all over the world. British merchants first came to India and discovered the world of such condiments. Since then the world buys such ingredients from this country. Years back, black pepper was known as the black gold as it fetched as much price as gold then.

There are many industries that sell Indian spice online at affordable price. Products like whole spices, powdered and even the mixed condiments used to give special flavors to the specific dishes like rajmah masala, meat masala, curry masala, pav bhaji, subji, pulao masala etc. All these masalas are made from excellent raw spices procured from trusted cultivators. They are then cleaned, ground and mixed in a specific amount to make formulated masalas.

Indian spices offer many types of such herbs in powdered and ground form. Commonly used dish essentials like chili, turmeric, red wry, kalonji, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, tamarind, cumin, celery, cardamom, khas khas are all available online. The customers can go to and choose the product and in the size that they want and get the stuff delivered to their home. A large number of hotels, caterers and restaurant owners buy these special ingredients online in order to make their food very aromatic and authentic. There is a huge demand for these products all over the world. Customers can also buy whole spices like chana masala powder, as it gives a unique flavor to any dish. This masala is made of a mixture of spices and condiments to accentuate the flavor of the curry.

A rigorous checking is done at each stage of the processing. It is so important to make sure that the right quality is maintained always. A number of tests are done on these herbs at all stages to ensure that the best quality is used by the company to makes its various formulated masalas. A test is also done using the metal detector to find out in case there is any metallic substance in the masalas. The microbiological test is done to make sure that there are no microorganisms or any other foreign substances present. Excellent double packing in multilayered packets makes sure that the moisture does not get into the packet. These packing also increase the shelf life of these ingredients and help in retaining their authentic aroma for a longer period of time. Let’s make all our cuisines and foods aromatic and flavored with the help of these amazing spices.

Raising the Bar of Delicate Indian Dishes with a Pinch of Spices

spices in indiaImagine a tasteless bland dish being served to you at the dinner table; it will surely make you remember the hospital food which we have to digest without any choice. Sometimes we cook a dish with our whole heart but the taste and aroma we imagine it to have is absent because of the absence of the right amount of the spices or they being not of proper quality. Nobody likes relishing the dishes if they are not added up with the right condiment of the finest quality in the right quantity. Spices in india are the largest producer of rich herbs and since centuries is known as the spice land. There are a number of herbs produced in the fertile land enhancing the aroma and taste of the dishes as well as having great medicinal value.

These herbs are known to cure many ailments in the older days and even nowadays are used in home remedies for curing health issues. Turmeric the most important flavours in Indian dishes is known for adding both colour and aroma to the dishes as well as it is used to cure fevers, wounds, burn marks and beauty agent in packs.

There are large numbers of agencies producing masala spices of India which are of the finest quality and is collected from all over the nation from the local traders promising the best quality for the customers requiring and demanding the best for the dishes. After collecting the raw materials these raw spices are inspected under the surveillance of the finest staff members checking the quality of the products and looking out for all alien substances before processing them in the manufacturing units where these are processed, powdered and formulated. After manufacturing, they go under the metal detectors where they are checked for ferrous and non-ferrous content. After passing the test they are packed into various quantities packing of the best air locking pattern to maintain their freshness until they reach the desired buyer.